Baccarat at the Online Casino

Baccarat is a card game passed from Italy to France during the reign of Charles XIII, who reigned in France between 1483 and 1498. It is a very popular game in land-based casinos and reserved for the rich and famous, but today the game translated smoothly into the online version.

There are three versions of the game:

  • Baccarat chemin de fer (railway)
  • Baccarat banque (a deux tableaux)
  • Punto Banco (North America).

The game is very simple to play and has only three possible outcomes: ‘player’, ‘banker’ and ‘tie’. The ‘player’ and ‘banker’ are the options on which bets can be placed and do not refer to any ‘player’ or ‘banker’. Online casino baccarat takes place quickly: the player makes the initial play, the cards are dealt and the score is counted.

Virtual game table

There are two hands, the banker hand and the player hand, where two three cards are dealt in a container of 6 to 8 decks. Bets can be placed on any hand or between the two combined.

Here’s how the scores are counted

The points are counted and if the sum exceeds 9-in the face cards the first number is ignored. The game proceeds when the dealer deals 2 cards for both hands. If the baccarat hand has 8 or 9 it is called a natural and the hands remain as they are. The purpose of baccarat is to bet on the highest hand. The final result determines the win and the game continues with recovering bets.

If the game continues the online results are calculated as follows: if the cards of the two players have less than 6 points, one must take another card and stop. If the banker hand has reached more than 6, you must stop and reveal your cards. If you have 0,1 or 2 in your hand you have to take another card. If the score is 3 and the third card is 0 to 9 the banker must take another card. If there is a 4 and the third card is 2-7 the banker takes another card. If the third card is 4-7 the banker takes another card.

If both hands have a fair end result, the initial two-handed bet wins, or the one closest to 9 wins.

Baccarat is a simple game and once you understand the bets and score the game becomes a lot of fun.

Baccarat is becoming more and more popular on online casinos because it has a glamorous reputation and image.